Big £££ with 10 £500 jackpots at mecca bingo

Big £££ with 10 £500 jackpots at mecca bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/11/2010 12:15
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Mecca bingo is buzzing this week after giving away £10,000 a day as part of their Mecca moments campaign. We have been reading a lot of fantastic recounts and stories from some of the lucky winners, some of which are amazing and heart warming.

However, Mecca bingo is never one to rest on its laurels and has steam rollered ahead with a variety of new and exciting offer including the Big £££ Jackpot games that play today at 9pm in the Dancing Queen andTwo Little Ducks bingo rooms.


The evening’s bingo will consist of 10 (Yes ten) £500 jackpot games with tickets costing 25p each. The games are spread over two hours with a game every twelve minutes or so. We can’t wait – the atmosphere is sure to be electric with so many prizes that big.

Daily 10k Winners Stories


Sminky50 told Mecca Bingo this was her first big win: “I have been a Mecca customer for years, and this is my biggest win ever. After work I usually get a cup of tea, read the news and have a few games of bingo to wind down. This time I didn’t watch the game, I just bought my tickets. I had just finished reading the news on the internet and was just about to log off and go to bed, but something made me click back on the Mecca game. I saw that I was waiting on number 83 and the next second the number came up and I had won! I couldn’t believe it! I told my other half and nodded his head. I have been saving up for a new car, and thought right there’s my new car!!!”

We hope you enjoy your new car Sminky50 – we will be trying to have a Mecca bingo moment of our own playing in the Big £££ games tonight from 9pm, see you there.


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