Betway Bingo Represented by Lucy

Betway Bingo Represented by Lucy

Written by: Glo Wood on 31/07/2014 20:05

Betway has announced its new online bingo offering via a television advert featuring Lucy.

Lucy is a hairdresser whose busy times are bingo days and her clients ask her to go with them. She declines each time as she’s too young for bingo halls but the truth is that she prefers to go home and relax while playing online at Betway Bingo.

“The launch of Betway Bingo completes our line-up of first class gaming products,” said Anthony Werkman, head of marketing at Betway.

“This latest launch allows us to connect with another key gaming demographic who have been keen to see bingo added to our established line up of existing gaming options… In 2014 the Betway website and product portfolio has seen a major revamp in both usability and aesthetic, this overhaul continues with the launch of Betway Bingo.”


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