Bet 365 Bingo is Doubling your Winnings

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/10/2009 19:30

Bet 365 Bingo has 80 days and one million pounds to give away, they way in which they will be giving this prize money away is be doubling your winnings. To do this they are choosing two linx games with big prize money in them, every evening and doubling the prize pot. So if it is worth £2 500 and you win, you will actually receive £5 000. That is like free bingo money, only better and if you win, you are going to be in for a big surprise.

If you are one of the Bingoheads at this site, then you are playing at the right site. If you aren’t I would suggest you join today or you are going to miss out on these fun and games. To put the cherry on the cake they are also doubling the prize of the month end Sunday jackpot game that is normally £10 000 and making it £20 000, so make sure you have scheduled this game to play. Promotions like this don’t come your way every day.

Players at this site have a reputation for winning big and some of the biggest prize money is available in the slots games with PJP’s (progressive jackpot prizes). One of the latest winners scooped a staggering £430,900 Progressive Jackpot. “efpraxia” has only been a Bingohead on this site for five months and is a regular bingo player, she decided to try one of the slots games and won this incredible amount on the Lucky Ladies 88 PJP. This obviously turned out to be a clever move on her part and she has now received a life changing amount of money. So far she is planning to buy herself a couple of drinks and a brand new car. I can only imagine what it feels like to be in this player’s shoes!!

Bet 365 bingo

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