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Written by: kelly on 05/06/2010 22:45
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There are so many fabulous opportunities to win for free when you are a member of Foxy Bingo. There is a minimum of £500 up for grabs absolutely free in the Tuesday and Thursday Tombola draw. There is random free bingo games played on an ad-hoc basis and there are tons of ways to win free bingo points. If this is not enough for you, you can always try little brother site, Foxy Zero, for even more free bingo opportunities. Before you rush off however, there is a fabulous free game going to celebrate the start of the FIFA World Cup Football championship games.

First off you need to enter your name for a fabulous football pool game. You complete the form, Foxy Bingo assigns you to a team – one of the 32 in the world tournament. Who will you get? Will it be England, Mexico, Japan or a big outsider like New Zealand? You will have to wait and see.

The prizes are superb, and these total up to £5 000! 1st place prize winners share £2,000, 2nd place: £1,500, 3rd place: £750, 4th place: £500, 5th place: £250 and 6th place: £250.

To top that Foxy Bingo has another aside to this game and if you include why you are such a fabulous Foxy Football fan, you can win even more. They are not saying what, but it is bound to be something nice, so make sure you make the extra effort.

This weekend Foxy Bingo has got some lovely weekend wonga up for Gold VIPs, and for the rest of Foxy Bingo other players; bingo on the horse pattern for the Derby Day Special.

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