Beating The Blues With Bingo

Beating The Blues With Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 30/09/2011 18:35

A staggering 121 million people worldwide suffers the blues. Women are twice as likely to suffer from the doldrums than men.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what triggers depression but the symptoms can be debilitating. Chemical imbalances and circumstances are common causes with medication often prescribed to relieve the effects.

It can be difficult at times for sufferers to leave their homes who tend to isolate themselves. It can be challenging for loved ones to convince the downhearted that getting out and socializing can often be the best medicine to pull them out of the blahs.

Online bingo offers therapeutic results that keep the sufferer in touch with the world around them. The social aspect has a tremendous impact on the melancholy and encourages low spirits to be lifted. It’s an ideal resolution for those who find it near impossible to leave their homes.

The chat feature in bingo rooms is an open invitation for players to socialize and meet other people from all over the world. Building a relationship with regular players and establishing new acquaintances can be beneficial.

The entertainment value acts as a stimulant that can often ease the symptoms of loneliness and feelings of despair and serves as a distraction. Winning cash prizes and entering competitions for amazing gifts are great way to increase levels of elation.

Bingo is more then just a game, it’s a social network that can soar the spirit to new heights.

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