Beacon Bingo To Slash Profit Margins

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/11/2009 07:09

Beacon Bingo is a land base operation who have only recently come out with an online presence, and already their operations manager, Chris Drake is pledging to slash their profit margins to half so they can offer online players added incentive to join. It is crucial to an online bingo site to build up a good member base in order to make money, and they need to make money to be able to keep offering good prizes and promotions.

The beacon Bingo site was only launched this November, so this is a bold step to take so early in the day. But to be honest I believe they are doing the right thing; for a land based bingo operator they have com online late in the game and need to catch up with big rival sites for some share of the market. Beacon own the biggest bingo club in Europe, the bingo club in Cricklewood, north London, and other clubs as well as adult gaming centres.

This radical gambit is said to be planned to double player life time and retaining customers is well known for promotion a successful online bingo site. I have had a look around Beacon Bingo and can see anything extra special to rival other site yet, so I’m not going to hold my breath, we shall just have to wait and see. The site is great however because it makes use of live hosts, is super simple to use and they offer all the right bonuses, prizes and games, including free bingo. These operators have the idea that many of the popular site are too complicated fro new users and it is hoped that the simplicity of their site will be an added incentive for new online bingo players to join in the fun and games.

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