Be Quick, Get Your Foxy Bingo Free Scratch Cards

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/11/2009 22:12

You are going to have to be quick, only yesterday Foxy Bingo launched a new free scratch card, and this special promotion ends after the last free card on Sunday this weekend, so get yours!

It is not as if Foxy Bingo doesn’t give away enough freebies, but apparently Foxy still spends a lot of time scratching his head and coming up with new ideas. Nevertheless a bit of a bright spark he is fortunate for us and this idea was launched. So no matter how brief, if you are a member of the site take advantage of it. If you aren’t a member of the site, register now and you can still take advantage of a couple of days of this free offer.

There are a ton of prizes up for grabs in this ad hoc scratchie promotion, so if you have an itch to win, play today. There are 65 million bingo points going, £35 000 worth of cash prizes, and a whopping £15 000 worth of tangible prizes like £550 shopping sprees, Nintendo thingies, what do you call them…DSI’s I think, TV’s and other stuff too. You can’t afford not to play this free game; you have absolutely nothing to lose, but be quick, and don’t miss out on any of the free cards you are entitled to as a member of the site.

While we are looking at Foxy Bingo news, today is the day that the cruisers get back from their Hull to Amsterdam trip, I wonder how it all went. I must say I can’t wait to hear the news about all the on-board shenanigans. I also wonder if the weather was OK, I once did that crossing at the end of October, and I was a seasick as hell, the only thing that settled me was Valoid and Carlsberg, so it was a pretty high time!

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