Barbara Windsor launches Bingo Royale at Jackpotjoy Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 04/10/2010 16:10
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Jackpotjoy Bingo has just crowned TV Eastenders favourite and national treasure Barbara Windsor as their new Queen of Bingo, as part of a new, multi-million pound TV advertising campaign for the site.

To celebrate the coronation, the site has launched a new, innovative game fit for the Queen herself – Bingo Royale.

How the game works

Bingo Royale is unlike any other games ever seen on Jackpotjoy Bingo, although at first glance it may seem like a normal 90-Ball bingo game where players take home prizes for one line, two lines and full house wins.

However, the difference in this game is the appearance of the Queen of Bingo, who will issue a Royal Pardon for more balls to be called when she is in her palace. The benefit for you, bingo fans and the Queen’s loyal subjects, is that more balls means more chances to win.

As a fun little extra, the number of extra balls needed (or the size of the Royal Pardon) will be barked out by the Queen’s Dogs, called Clickety Click and Legs Eleven. You’ll even get to hear Barbara Windsor herself doing some of the bingo calls as the site’s first ever guest callers – now, that’s exciting!

As well as getting more chances to win, the Bingo Royale game (played in the Bingo Royale Room) offers you the usual amazing jackpot prizes for full house wins. Log on and check it out today!

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