Astro Bingo announces massive pot increase

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/11/2008 23:00
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Astro Bingo has come to the rescue of online bingo players yet again with the announcement that the jackpot in their indigo room has been increased by four times and now stands at a massive £6,400. The group is very keen for the jackpot to be won before the New Year so that online players can make the most as they look to enjoy the festive period and the New Year. So how does it work?

Initially players will need 38 numbers to take the jackpot but to make it a little more exciting the amount of numbers required will increase by one every week until finally the money drops. The rolling jackpot began on 21 November and will continue until the day somebody steps up and shouts "house"!

Astro Bingo has made a lot of changes over the last few months after asking players what they liked, disliked and wanted to see on the site in the future. This has proved to be a very lucrative research programme and given Astro Bingo all the answers that they need to push the site into the mass market.

The new improved jackpot should catch the attention of current players and those who have not signed up yet, ensuring the group gets maximum publicity from Father Christmas.

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