Armstrong Bingo

Armstrong Bingo

Written by: Glo Wood on 17/01/2013 17:40

Lance Armstrong has been the focus of the media since word of his Oprah Winfrey interview was released. He spoke candidly regarding the use of drugs in cycling and his own drug use during successful moments in his career.

What does all this have to do with bingo? Absolutely nothing but several bingo cards have been created to allow us to have some fun as we watch the interview.

The Guardian says: It's fun-packed Oprah interview time, and what better way to celebrate Lance Armstrong's confessional extravaganza than by playing our very own bingo game! Mark off the words from the selection, right, as you follow Lance's answers. With Barney Ronay giving his interpretation of the words most likely to appear.

Words on the bingo card include Sorry, Truth, America, Pressure, Witch-hunt, Bike, Money, Rock Bottom and Compose Myself.

The Telegraph says: Play Lance Armstrong Confession Bingo tonight with the Telegraph. Every time you hear Lance say one of these phrases to Oprah Winfrey, cross them off your card.

Some of the phrases include “Coming from a broken home…”, “Before I answer that, can I see the amnesty papers”, “Told you it’s not about the bike” and “I’ll be asking the UIC for a refund”.

Be sure to check out the interview and play some Armstrong bingo!

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