Anyone Visited Bingo Palace Recently?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/11/2009 22:16

Has anyone visited Bingo Palace recently? If not, that a turn past and pop your head in, it is looking fantastic. Gone is the cartoony twee type of style which seems to have dominated the look of UK online bingo sites in the past and a new flame has sprung from the ashes of this phoenix. The new look is all about sophistication, style and coming of age, the UK online bingo market understands that you don’t have to look like a 1950’s cartoon postcard for people to be able to have fun playing.

They are already starting to advertise some Christmas specials and if you want to be one of the players to win a £50 Tesco shopping voucher to boost your Christmas shopping a bit get to the Table Top Room on a Saturday night. Here is how this works; between 9pm and 11pm five £1 shopping trolley pattern games will play, no specific qualification is required, you just have to buy a ticket and play. If you buy fifteen you get 10 free and this stands you in pretty good stead to win the game. Win and you are going shopping, you will receive your voucher by post, or if you prefer to have the cash deposited into your account, you have that option. Tickets are available by pre-purchase, and if you win liaise with the Bingo Palace support desk to confirm your choice and your details.

While we are discussing Bingo Palace and shopping, why not take part in the Desperate Housewives Tournament. You have to win a £10 starting basket pattern game to qualify for a bi-monthly, tournament which takes place on a Saturday morning at 10am, also in the Table Top Room. The Qualifying players list is updated on a Friday by 8pm and check out the rest of the details at Bingo Palace to make sure you are in with a chance to win!

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