Angela Eagle refuses to budge on VAT issue for bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/02/2009 20:23

There has been huge disappointment echoing around the Bingo industry, as after many discussions between the Bingo Association and Angel Eagle the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury the Government has decided not to relax the double Tax burden on bingo halls up and down the country. At present the high street bingo halls pay 32% tax as opposed to other forms of gambling that only pay 15%. Ms Eagle though sympathetic to the points raised by the Bingo Association and industry spokespeople she has decided that there is insufficient cause to relax the taxation rules for the bingo industry.

There have been huge increases in closures of the more traditional bingo halls up and down the country, estimated to be in the region of 100 in the past six years. With the extra taxation incurred by the bingo halls it is feared that more will be forced to close, with diminishing attendance numbers and the smoking ban adding further fuel to the fire.

The bingo industry has one MP very much in their corner, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemmings believes that the taxation levied on the bingo industry is unfair and is more to do with class differences. He believes that bingo industry is being targeted by the Government as a soft option. The Scottish National Party is the first political party to come out in defence of the bingo industry, even calling for exemptions for the higher rate VAT. John Hemmings believes that the damage to the bingo halls will be felt up and down the country by the many people who visit the halls to socialise and play the game they love.

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