Almost an explosive night at Reading Mecca Bingo Hall

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/05/2009 23:00
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A court in Reading has been hearing evidence form Mecca Bingo Hall staff in connection with an alleged bomb threat made by Mr John Thompson to blow the hall up. The incident is said to have taken place in October of 2006 when 42 year old Mr Thompson attended the Mecca Bingo Hall and told staff, including the General Manager Mr Carl White that there was a bomb on the premises and that it would explode.

Mr White gave his evidence to the jury stating that Mr Thompson seemed ‘agitated’ when he banged on the Mecca Bingo hall doors, waving his arms around frantically and shouting ‘Kaboom!’ Mr White did not at first take the man’s threats seriously but when he became more frantic Mr White called the police. The tape recording of Mr White’s emergency services call from the Mecca Bingo hall was played as evidence, in the tape Mr White referred to the accused as a ‘nutter’ who was banging on the door and trying to gain entry to the Mecca Bingo Hall. Claire Parker the Mecca Bingo Hall Supervisor also gave evidence to the jury stating that she was ‘terrified’ and that the defendant’s behaviour was ‘hysterical, not normal’. Another witness a regular visitor to the Mecca Bingo Hall Mr Leroy Davies also gave evidence that he believed Mr Thompson ‘looked as if he was drunk’.

When police attended the Mecca Bingo Hall they found no evidence of a suspicious package and Mr Thompson was taken to the police station where a doctor was called who diagnosed ‘active depression’. Mr Thompson himself on questioning from the police the next day said that he had any knowledge of the incident at the Mecca Bingo hall though he remembered drinking in two pubs. The trial at Reading Crown court continues.

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