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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/11/2009 07:53

It is no secret that Littlewoods Bingo pays out a ton of money every month, actually I wonder how much £10 million weighs? I suppose if would depend on how big the denominations of the money were, I mean if it were one pound notes, it would weigh more than ten pound notes. That being said, you will find a list of Star Winners on the Littlewoods site, and these are winners across a range of their favorite games, but it gives you something to pit your skills against to see if you can out-win them.

The top winner at the moment is “annie1951” who has won a grand total of £92,740.62, coming in a not so close second is “alongnite69” with £33,000.00 in total winnings and “mystic_Del” in third place with £22,812.00. There are plenty more winners in this line-up, but you can find out who they are for yourself when you visit the site. It is easy to see were that £10 million worth of prizes goes, into the pockets of these and many other big winners.

While you are paying a visit to Littlewoods Bingo, why not take a look at “The Greatest Hits of all Time”. If you are a greatest hits fan, they have put together a medley of the games at the site which have been their greatest hits. These are sure to keep you happy as you play free bingo, Penny Lane with 1p bingo, thrilling shilling games; only today these are 5p games, tip-top ton ups, all the fun of the fair with Rollercoaster and many others. This medley of games session runs from 11pm to midnight every night and can really spice up your late night play, it will certainly keep you entertained, with the very best of bingo all crammed into one glorious gaming hour.

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