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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/08/2009 08:00
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Recently, we all heard about the great promotion Tombola Bingo has just launched. In fact, some or most of you might have joined in on the fun. Who knows, some of you reading this might have actually won. They gave away a hundred and thousand pounds which are from their free bingo games! Now that it is over, they certainly won’t be stopping their promotions and advertising campaigns. Expect Tombola Bingo to launch a new advertising campaign which will probably advertise great promotions ahead.

Earlier this year, March to be exact, Tombola Bingo launched an advertising campaign. However, it was stopped because of certain complaints received by the ASA. For those who do not know, ASA stands for Advertising Standards Agency. This is the governing body that regulates all advertisements from online bingo sites. We have seen many advertising campaigns over the years and they have proven to be a popular and very effective form of advertising the online bingo industry especially the online bingo site being featured. ASA makes sure that these online bingo advertisements adhere to their strict regulations. Many adverts were stopped due to various complaints just like in the case of Tombola Bingo last March. Now that Tombola Bingo has learned their lesson, they are coming up with a new advertisement soon after taking careful consideration of all the rulings from ASA.

Last month, Tombola Bingo showcased their site, their products, and their promotions through a fairground theme. If you remember, the advert was stopped because complainants said it appeals to children. Of course, gambling is not allowed for children or the younger audience and being that the advert showcased a theme park, the advert was stopped as a breach of the CAP TV Advertising Standards Code rule 11.10.2(b). So now, let’s wait for this new advert from Tombola featuring a fun tropical theme. In a few weeks, it will be aired. So you better wait and see for yourself!

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