A Month Of Utility Bills Paid For By Moon Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/08/2008 01:00
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The price of utilities is an ever increasing monthly bill and one that many of us dread facing when it does arrive through the door. Despite this fear, it has to be opened and it has to be paid. Moon Bingo offered a fairly unique set of prizes in July, paying utility bills for three of their players. This event has now become a monthly thing and all you need do is find the right pattern bingo games and get playing to be in with a chance of having one of your August utility bills paid.

Pucca won her July gas bill, marisol123 her water bill, and lenny100 his electricity bill and all they did was get bingo on the gas, elec, and water themed pattern bingo games. All you need to do to enter, beside register on the Moon Bingo site of course, is to look for these same pattern bingo games this month and get playing when you see them.

The lucky winner can have one month of residential elec, gas, or water bill paid for them at the address that is registered on their Moon Bingo account up to the value of £100.

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