A Lotto for Not a Lotto at Tidy Bingo

A Lotto for Not a Lotto at Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 02/02/2014 17:05
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The doubling in price of the tickets for the nation’s Lotto games has put a lot of noses out of joint. So what better way to raise your spirits than with a lotto that’s completely free. OK, Tidy Lotto might not offer the life-changing sums of money you have a million-to-one chance of picking up from Camelot, but it’s a nice little bonus for regular players at the popular site.

Tidy are already part of a network-wide promotion called Lucky Lotto but this new Tidy Lotto is something for players at Tidy only – a little something extra as Tidy say.

All you need to do to qualify is play at the site and send an email. The qualifying amount is £20-worth of play in the previous month. Then on the first day of the month take your pick of six numbers – no lucky dips here – between 1 and 49 and send them in to Tidy using the team@tidybingo.com address to play for the month. A little technical note here, if the first of the month falls on a Wednesday you must get your numbers in by 7.30pm to be included in the first week’s draw.

Tidy will then use the numbers drawn in each midweek draw of the national game to pick their winners. A double reason to watch.

Here’s how it works out. You can ignore the bonus ball, but if you match three of the six main balls with your numbers you’ll win £10 in bonus funds or £5 cash; match four for a £20 bonus or £10 in cash; five balls will win you £30 in bonuses or £15 cash and match them all and you’ll pocket £50 in bonus funds of £25 in cash.

Once you’ve filed your numbers you don’t need to do anything, you’ll be notified of any wins automatically and automatically entered into the draw as long as you meet the qualifying playing conditions. If you don’t, Tidy will let you know that your entry is about to expire.

The first draw takes place on 5th February, so keep your fingers crossed!

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