A Holiday on The Cards for Bingo Hollywood Winner

Written by: kelly on 27/05/2010 17:30
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It just touches all our hearts at Bingo-Reviewer when you read a lovely winners story, and although there have been much bigger winners at Bingo Hollywood it is interesting to note that “Taxistew” wrote in to say thank you for his £800 win!

This member had been a member for only a day when he won the very same day; a PJP for more than £800. He was so happy! Isn’t it funny how even an amount such as this can be life changing and in Stew’s case it is He and his wife both play at Bingo Hollywood and love it, but they also haven’t been on holiday for 10 years. They will be using their winnings to go on holiday and if that is not life changing, I don’t know what is. Life changing does not have to be BIG, it only has to be just enough to make a difference to quality and we reckon this win has made that difference.

In the meantime, life goes on at Bingo Hollywood and the last Friday of the month is shortly to come to pass. This is Friday the 28th May and there will be a Blockbuster Bingo game played. Don’t miss out, the prize money is £5 000 – more than enough to make a difference to anyone’s quality of life! Ticket prices are a pound a piece and the game plays in the Blockbuster Room at 8pm.

There is also a Hollywood Nights giveaway taking place on June 4th that you need to look forward to as well as plenty more action. Check out the latest Hollywood news to see what naughty Roanan Keating has been up to and we can guarantee he wasn’t playing bingo with his wife! Perhaps, like Stew, this is what he should have been doing instead of texting a younger woman.

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