A Bingo Thief With A Conscious

A Bingo Thief With A Conscious

Written by: ava carson on 16/12/2011 15:25

Diane Bozzi was devastated when her mother’s urn was stolen from her vehicle on December 5th. Prepared to go to bingo later that day, Bozzi left her bingo bag in the back seat of her car with her mother’s urn inside. It was a promise she made before her death and brought her ashes every time she played bingo as a good luck memento.

It is no secret that bingo players are nortorious for bingo good luck charms and for Bozzi this was a very sentimental one. 

Bozzi made a public plea to return the urn and to let the perpetrator know it was her mother he had stolen.
It was a smart move on her part that produced results. A few days later the urn was placed on her doorstep of her Rochester home.

In a public statement Bozzi said her mother like to play bingo so she takes the urn with her to games. She thanks whoever returned the urn while at the same time sends a strong message: Stop stealing.

It goes to show even a thief can have conscious and big enough heart to try and undo the damage that was caused.

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