A Bingo Millionaire Winner

A Bingo Millionaire Winner

Written by: ava carson on 07/01/2012 15:40
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If you’re going to dream, dream big because no one can take that away from you. Imaginations run wild in hopes of one day becoming a millionaire. New cars, homes, fancy threads and a yacht for those scenic holidays on the sea. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City would be green with envy with the designer shoes a million could buy. Of course helping out family and friends, gifting them with a nice check would be priceless just to see the elation on their faces.

Suddenly reality sets in and here we all are living the ordinary life, thinking that you’re never going to amass that kind of dough. Besides, where would anyone even begin to attain that kind of fortune? Online bingo is where your fantasy can become a reality. Somebody has to win that million and it’s not like tens of thousands of bingo players are in it to win it like the lottery is.

There are plenty of online bingo sites that have offer a million for a coverall game with a minimum guaranteed cash prize. Bingo Fabulous offers £1,000,000 games on every Wednesday with £1000 guaranteed and on Friday with £1,500 guaranteed including one on Saturdays. That is three times a week for a chance to have all your dreams come true. And all this time you thought it was impossible to have a shot at it.

Take a chance and you might find your name scrolling across the marquee. If you do win that million just don’t forget about the little people as you’re cruising along that dusty trail to the road that leads to riches!

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