A Big Mac, Fries and a Bingo Card Please

A Big Mac, Fries and a Bingo Card Please

Written by: ava carson on 15/08/2012 15:10

McDonald’s is an international sensation known throughout the UK and world for a menu that packs in the crowds for Big Mac. Nestled across the pond in a quaint town, McDonald’s is serving up more than a burger and fries. While tourists from around the world are visiting the Mall of America, the UK visitors may want to take a detour along the way to Robbinsdale, Minnesota to McDonalds.

It won’t be the Big Mac attack that will tempt you (well maybe); instead the reasons are the special love the UK has for bingo. Hold the special sauce, pickle, add extra cheese and oh yeah a bingo card please is what your order may sound like.

The brainstorm idea goes to Tim Baylor, a former NFL defensive back who owns several McDonalds restaurants and started Bingo games several years ago. His latest ownership at Robbinsdale is following his trade mark trend of playing bingo.

Bingo was originally intended to target the seniors but as it grew it has drawn a much larger audience of players. The bingo cards are free to collect and the winner who claims a bingo is in for a free Micky D’s sandwich.

Paul Johnson discovered the bingo game last month while visiting with his 8 year old son Rusty.
"We had some time to kill, so we walked in here on a Tuesday and saw all these people," he said. "We thought, 'What's going on here?' Then we decided to play. Now we come every week.

"It's a nice little game I can play with this guy," he said, pointing his thumb at Rusty. "It's good to help him concentrate and learn numbers. He's at a good age for it, I think."

Bergman who plays bingo there expressed what bingo is really all about, referring to the group "family" and a way to meet new friends along the way.

"We've gotten to know each other really well," she said. "If someone is gone, we notice. People send cards when others are ill, we have gatherings outside of this -- it's really our own little community.

"Being retired, it's really nice to have these kind of friendships, especially as we get older."

If it has gained this type of popularity in America one can only imagine what a crowd pleaser it would be in the UK. A Big Mac and bingo is the ultimate dream when the hunger for both strike.

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