A $20K Bingo Party, Spins & Bonus Bonanzas at Bingo Spirit

A $20K Bingo Party, Spins & Bonus Bonanzas at Bingo Spirit

Written by: Marija Stojakovic on 22/03/2022 10:15
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10x Guaranteed $1K Bingo Games Plus $10K Special

March may be coming to an end but the promotions, freebies and big prizes won’t stop there and that’s a Bingo Spirit promise. This month players are not only invited to customize their own bingo cards but they are also eligible to claim extra bonuses and no deposit spins plus take part in bingo games where you get more tickets for less spends. If that wasn’t enough to get you to join, maybe the $20 free trial bonus with 30 spins will be?

Add to that a monthly bingo special where $20K is guaranteed to be won for one-night only! March 26th will be hosting 10 warm-up bingo games with $1K prizes followed by an end of night special - $10K in red hot cash! More on this in a moment.

Extra Cash on Top of Winnings

Bingo Spirit is one of the most popular bingo websites in the US and it’s easy to see why. Bingo tournaments where the more full house prizes you win the more chance you have of winning extra cash are just one of the many promotions up and running, plus there are also opportunities to purchase bingo cards with bonuses to win real money prizes!

Top picks include budget busting deals which are commonplace at Bingo Spirit with nickel cards producing generous cash prizes every day. Then there are catapult games where the pot of real money grows as you play. March madness is guaranteeing more fun for less spends too with bonuses of between 100% and 350% available on the first deposit of the day every Monday. The value of your bonus will be determined by the value of the deposit.

Will you be one of 30 top players to win a prize in the spring bingo tournaments? Multi-part games all guarantee to pay $30 on the first small pattern, $30 on the second nature themed pattern and another $30 for the coverall. That’s three prizes available per game and the more you win, the more chance you have of bagging that extra prize of $1,800! Free play bonuses of between $900 and $15 are reserved for players in positions 2 through to 30.

Now the one you’ve been waiting for, the $20K bingo party on March 26th. I don’t even know what I’m doing in an hour let alone on a day in the future so this is where pre-buy comes in handy. The bingo event promises to be epic with five hours of bingo dabbing fun ahead. Warm-up games will set you back $2 a card. The main event bingo game will cost $5 per ticket however, there is a buy 3 get 2 free deal available between 6pm and 11pm.

The latest big $10K winners include IONE, who in 22-years of playing at Bingo Spirit has won three $10K bingo jackpots! Lorna stepped away from her computer for a few minutes and on her return she saw how big her cash balance was. It took more than 2.5hrs for the win to sink in.

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