888Ladies Lay on a £500 Aftershock Fashion Fest

888Ladies Lay on a £500 Aftershock Fashion Fest

Written by: kelly on 11/07/2011 15:40
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 Calling all fashionistas, 888 Ladies have a fab new promotion that could be right up your street. At the end of July they are running an uber-trendy game which will give away £500 in Aftershock vouchers.


£500 Aftershock

The £500 Aftershock game will carry three prizes, the one line winner receives £100 in vouchers, two lines scoops £150 and three ‘fashion lines’ wins the largest £250 worth of vouchers. Once the game has concluded an after show round of games will also be played, so 888 ladies can all celebrate together with a variety of themed chat games and double chat points.

The game plays on Sunday 31st July at 9PM, you’d probably expect some whacky card prices for such a game but that's not the 888ladies way. Tickets cost 5p each, with a minimum of one per players and a maximum of 96 (which would cost £4.95). If there is more than one winner per prize then it will be split evenly between them, just like other bingo games.

About Aftershock

Aftershock is a bang on trend fashion brand who’s growing presence is wildly popular with A-list celebrities such as Madonna. Their designers are known for the flamboyant colour schemes and avant guard approach to fashion, but don’t worry they provide something for everyone if flashy colours aren’t your thing!

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