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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/01/2010 20:40

What would you say if someone told you, you could win £1000 guaranteed tonight at 11pm, and actually virtually every other night too? I would say show me the way to win, and be grateful. So you too can be grateful to 888 Ladies Bingo for showing you (and me) the way to win, and check out the site to see what to do. How would you spend yours?

The monthly guaranteed prize game for £8 888 is coming due at 888 ladies this week. It takes place on the 29th January which is Friday. Now you have all seen what has been happening in Haiti, and they are saying that as many as 3 million people have been displaced and many more affected by this tragedy. What we have seen are emergency mop-up operations and it is going to take a whole heck of a lot more to help Haitians both now and in the future. I mean it is so bad that they don’t even have water to drink. Being the Caribbean, perhaps they could drink rum, but to quote Jack Sparrow “where is all the rum gone?” Yup even that is gone – there is total devastation!!

But all jokes aside, it is no joke that 888 Ladies Bingo is going to be donating ALL the proceedings from the ticket sales off the £8 888 game to the Haitian rum fund so this is not free bingo. It does mean you will still be able to win the prize, but it is also your opportunity to make a meaningful donation to a very worthy cause. The fact that this site is donating all the proceeds of these tickets sales, means we should help make sure it is a worthwhile amount. The money will go directly into the Oxfam appeal fund coffers, and no it won’t be used to buy rum, but it will be used to make a huge different in the lives of these desperate people. Please do your best to help too!

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