888 Ladies Bingo Puts Paid to the “Luck of the Irish” Myth

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/01/2010 06:00

If it never was before, it has now bee proved that the luck of the Scottish is definitely better than the luck of the Irish, as the winner of the Fiat 500 Convertible at 888 Ladies Bingo is a Glaswegian lady. When agent 008 caught up with the winner “rotfpmslmao” she was all giggles to, and who can blame her, it’s not every day you win a car!

The night she won she was in the chat room and she was absolutely in shock by her win but it was no surprise when Agent 008 caught up with her. After congratulating her and telling her what an amazing win this was, she replied with “You lot gave me a heart attack on Friday, I had palpitations all night – I nearly died!” She wasn’t going to play in this game, but at the last minute maxed out on bingo tickets. She paid for most of them with Loyalty Points and the tickets she paid for only cost her £16 from her own pocket. Now do you see why I keep reminding you that earning loyalty points count, they get you free bingo tickets?

She says she is a jackpot chaser and generally maxes out on tickets when she can afford to but the site paid for her holiday to Florida when she share the £8,888 Jackpot back in July. So this member is an experienced player at 888 Ladies bingo and she has done really well this year. So far she has chosen the colour of the car she wants and this is red, but apparently can’t drive, so someone is going to have to be taking driving lessons very soon.

If you want to start the new decade in style, 888 Ladies will be offering an extra £8,888 Jackpot game on the 1st January 2010, “Rotfpmslmao” will be playing, but the question is, will you?

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