888 Ladies Bingo Mexican Riviera Cruise Winners Speak Up

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/10/2009 07:22

We have already found out who the winners of the tickets on the World Bingo Championship Cruise from 888 ladies Bingo are. But as yet we have not heard anything from the winners. It is always nice to hear what the winners have to say, particularly when it is a magnificent prize like this, and 888 Ladies gave away two pairs of these tickets, most of the other sites running this competition had only one pair to give away.

Lady Penelope, the one winner, was a regular land based bingo go-er and used to have to stand outside in the wind, cold and rain to have a ciggy. So her bingo playing friend “nannaofcjnr” introduced her to playing online at 888 Ladies Bingo and, she tried it for a week and loved it. So much so that she never plays land based bingo any longer!!

When Lady Penelope won this prize she wasn’t even in the UK, she was in Bulgaria, but like the true 888 Ladies Bingo friend “nannaofcjnr” is, she phoned her and told her. But she also calls her ‘lucky cow’. She will be taking her sister with her on the cruise and because another pair of tickets was given away, she will also be joining some of the friends she has made online at this site.

When this competition came up Lady Penelope told her sister she would take he along, having no idea that she would ever win. Her sister is also a member of the site and has never been overseas before.

If anyone ever tells you that competitions at online bingo sites are just hype is wrong. If anyone ever tells you, you can’t win cash prizes they are wrong, and if anyone is ever so skeptical that they dismiss playing at online bingo sites out of hand. Let them get on with it, we all know what the truth is, don’t we?

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