888 Ladies Bingo Knows How to Hit the Spot!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/03/2010 06:04

If you are looking for a site that knows just how to hit the spot and you are a jackpot chaser, look no further than 888 Ladies Bingo. In the last two weeks this site has had big bingo winners all round. They started off the run of luck when "gemdanben" won £50000 in the Golden Balls game, and went on to give away £5,000 to "cheeky60". She is a British born South African, who has just returned to live in the UK.

Unfortunately much of her win thunder was lost in all the excitement surrounding Golden Balls, but Agent 008 from the 888 Ladies Bingo Secret Service did manage to catch up with her this week. She has been an 888 Ladies Bingo member for 18 months and was delighted by her win. She went out to make a cup of tea when the sliding jackpot game played and was buying bingo tickets in another room when her ship came in. So no-one was more surprised than her when the roomies started congratulating her. She bought a dozen tickets, and as she has just come back from SA needs a cheap run around and some furniture, so I can hazard a guess that this money will come in very handy.

To top off this winning news and make for a hat trick the 888 Ladies game for £8 888 played on Friday night and this month two winners shared the prize. "kinkymummy84" and "solinas72" must be feeling quite chuffed this weekend as their bank balances are £4444 richer, and the new month will get off to a very good start. Easter is coming early this year, so when the new month starts I am expecting something special from this site, are you?

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