888 Ladies Bingo Car Winner Can’t Drive!!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/01/2010 16:48

Sorry guys but the 888 Ladies Bingo Fiat 500 convertible has gone, and it has gone to a winner who wasn’t in the room at the time, and also can’t drive. Glaswegian lass “Rotfpmslmao” puts paid to the myth that the Irish have the best luck, and wasn’t going to buy tickets into the car game. At the last minute she cashed in her loyalty points, put £16 of her own money into the purchase and maxed out on the tickets in the game, then went to play in Champagne Time – the VIP room.

She realized she had won the car when a fellow roomie contacted her and told her she’d won! She quickly rushed back into the room where this game played and couldn’t believe it, she says it took four hours and three stiff vodka’s to calm her down. 888 Ladies Agent 008 caught up with her on the phone and you can read the blow by blow account of his interview on the blog at this bingo site.

She has chosen a red car, but can’t drive and hasn’t made up her mind whether she is going to take driving lessons or flog the car. I would take the driving lessons, wouldn’t you?

This member of 888 Ladies Bingo has already won quite a lot at the site and in July won half of the monthly £8888.00 prize. This took her on holiday to Florida, and she us gunning to win the prize again, another game takes place on the 1st Jan 2010. She has already maxed out on tickets for this game and says she saves her Loyalty Points every month so she can do this. While she admits she is a jackpot chaser she only plays what money she can afford and I believe this is the right attitude to have, don’t you?

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