888 Ladies Bingo – So Many Chances to Win Golden Tickets

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/01/2010 17:19

There are a number of ways to win Golden Tickets for the free bingo game at the century due to be held on the 17th February 2010 at 888 Ladies Bingo. I am afraid that until that date, this is all we are going to be talking about, but a coverall game with a prize of £5 million is deserving of repetition. And the minimum amount which is guaranteed to be won is a whopping £50 000!! If you can think of anything better to talk about, I will eat my lucky bingo hat!

The First Golden Tickets were given away in the 4th January and this will continue at the rate of 30 a day till February 10th. After that date the competition for the tickets closes off at 888 Ladies and all we have to do is wait till the play-off. This takes place at 9:30pm on the 17th and boy are people who didn’t win Golden Tickets, going to regret not being in this ground breaking game. It is going to go down in history especially if there is a grand prize winner. But even if there isn’t, £50 K is not to be sneezed at!!

There are five different ways of winning these tickets every day and if you are a new member, your name goes into the draw for ten tickets every day. Then all you have to do to qualify for the ticket draw is make a deposit. Once this has been done, there are still three more ways to win one of five tickets daily, and even free bingo players can win these. The fourth method of winning Golden Tickets is reserved for players in Champagne Time, a room reserved specifically fro VIP Gold 888 Ladies.

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