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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/03/2010 11:18

If you fancy a freebie this weekend, don't forget to play at 888 Ladies Bingo on Saturday and Sunday, because they have free bingo games playing all day long and, a special game which plays at 7pm. The prize in this free game is nearly double what they offer on weeknights, so get in with a chance to win a massive £500!

It is also Mothers Day weekend and I was surprised to find that this site blogged about St. Paddy's Day, which happens on Wednesday the 17th , first ..tch…tch! However today the news is out and they will be making this entire weekend a Mothers Day weekend, so we have got something to look forward to. Mothers are the reason why we are here and they deserve to be spoiled. As 888 Ladies Bingo is the site where all the spoiling happens, let's see what they have planned.

First off they want to give a big shout out to mums and see pictures of them, read stories about them, and find out what they mean to you. This may seem small but it is actually a big deal when you take the time to sit down and compose a little dedication to your mum. It is so much more personal and meaningful, when you share this with everyone else and 888 Ladies Bingo is providing the platform for you to do this. You also earn Loyalty Points for the best pics and stories.

888 Ladies Facebook page has a poser of a question for you, and invite your mothers to join the site this weekend and earn extra LP's. Get two new mummy members on board and earn 12 000 instead of 10 000.

St. Paddys Day next week looks like there will be massive celebrations taking place at this site, so gear up for this party too.

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