888 Ladies Announces the Winner of the Mazda 2.0

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/12/2008 23:00
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It is only a coincidence that the 888 Ladies Bingo site and the winner of the Mazda 2.0 are both pink. That is right the winner of this fantastic prize is known as “Pinkelarue”! And everything is definitely pink for her at the moment. The 888 Ladies Agent 008 interviewed her after her win was announced, and we have some snippets of the interview here for you.

The interviewer from 888 Ladies bingo said that he felt like Father Christmas when he phoned the winner and was shaking like a leaf when he gave her the good news. Apparently this condition is contagious because when he asked for Carol (Pinkelarue’s real name), she couldn’t speak to him when he told her she won. He had to speak to her niece who told him he couldn’t speak to her because she was shaking so badly.

Eventually Carol calmed down enough to be able to speak and continue with the conversation with our 888 Ladies Agent 008. He also informed her that she was the very first winner of a car at 888 Ladies bingo (and I hope she is not the last!) She was so grateful that she even invited the intrepid agent around for dinner, although she did say the couldn’t cook very well, so I wonder if he will take up that offer?

The emotion on the phone was electric and although 008 Agents from 888 Ladies bingo are supposed to be calm, some of this emotion did transfer and they both nearly found themselves in tears at times throughout the interview. However, they eventually made it through the interview process, and found out that Pinkelarue has only been playing at 888 Ladies bingo for a month, and she loves it because she always wins. This win also goes to show that 888 Ladies bingo certainly knows what to give the gals!

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