72 Year Old Bingo Player Attacked and Robbed

72 Year Old Bingo Player Attacked and Robbed

Written by: ava carson on 12/09/2012 18:15

The bingo player was walking home after playing bingo when the unthinkable happened on Annie Street, Seaburn. As she crossed the road she was shoved and dragged to the ground twice as she desperately tried to fight off her attacker clutching her handbag tightly.

During the assault she suffered bruising during the altercation and £100 cash and sentimental valuables were stolen from her. Andrew Haikeney, 27, of South Hylton is the alleged robber and is being tried in the Newcastle Crown Court.

In a statement to police the victim said: “He was much bigger and stronger than me.

“I was determined to keep hold.

“I was screaming for him to stop and also for help.”

“Despite my best efforts he gradually pulled me across the street to the middle of the road.

“He was pulling the bag so violently we both fell over onto the ground but neither released our grip.

“It was shocking and unexpected, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Instinct made me hang onto the bag with both hands.

“He was pulling violently and it pulled me to my feet.

“His actions pulled me towards the pavement and he stumbled backwards.

“He tripped over the kerb and this pulled me onto the ground next to him.

“Neither of us let go.

“Most of this was a blur.

“We were both then standing on the footpath, still wrestling over it.

“He was pulling and shaking violently at my bag, like a dog would shake a doll or toy.

“I heard the straps of the bag begin to rip and suddenly it snapped.

“He turned and ran off.”

After suffering shoulder and upper body pain from the attack she told police: “The whole incident was very distressing and frightening.”

Haikney admits to be in the Seaburn area at the time but denies robbing the bingo player.

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