£50,000 Could be up for Grabs at Wink Bingo

£50,000 Could be up for Grabs at Wink Bingo

Written by: kelly on 29/01/2011 12:10
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As if the normal Joy of Bingo Joy Pot prize of £25,000 wasn't enough for us there is a strong possibility that the next game will see double that amount on offer.

The usual Joy Pot prize of £25,000 is a stunning amount which could change the life of whoever wins it. But what if you won double that figure instead?

There is a very real chance that this could happen, all because the full house winner of the last Joy Pot 30k game on the 1st of January at Posh Bingo - hasn't stepped forward to scoop the £25,000 cash prize into their pockets and head off to the Med with a big smile and an excessive amount of new clothes.

If they don't claim their whopping prize by the stroke of midnight on the 1st of March, they may not turn into a pumpkin, but they will certainly feel like one if they later realise that they let the cash slip through their fingers. In the event of this happening the next game will see the amount double up to the 50 grand we mentioned earlier.

Whether the prize is  £25k or £50k, the place to play for it will be at Wink Bingo on Friday the 29th of April. As this is the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding it is being called the Royal Pot.

Make sure you don't miss out by buying your tickets in advance or earning them at Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo or RedBus Bingo. Oh, and if you are janinelovestopl then claim your money and get ready for the high life.

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