5 Year Old Gambled £50,000 Away

5 Year Old Gambled £50,000 Away

Written by: ava carson on 23/05/2012 10:15

According to Collin Cochrane, his girlfriend’s 5 year old son bet £50,000 at Spreadex while he was out of town for a couple days. Cochrane claims left his computer on by mistake. His girlfriend stated that the boy was on the computer and played games during his absence.

It went to a UK court where Deputy Judge David Donaldson dismissed the spread betting firm's case, ruling that the company's 49-page terms and conditions were an "unfair contract", which meant that the punter was not liable for the loss, the Metro daily newspaper reports.

"[The terms and conditions were] entirely inadequate to seek to make the customer liable for any potential trades he did not authorise," Donaldson ruled.

It is a hard lesson learned and perhaps serves as a good role model for online gambling operators who deliberately create terms and conditions so complicated that it takes advantage of player.

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