£3 million Won Each Week At Tombola Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/01/2010 17:44

Each and every week at Tombola bingo, £3 million is won. Now this site has different games, different ways of winning and a very different approach altogether from other online bingo sites in the UK. This is what makes them unique and it is also what has made them so popular so quickly. They are down to earth and simple, with a difference, there are two concerns only – having fun and playing to win and as many of the winners of this site will tell you, this is exactly what happens.

If you want to Race a Hamster or play Roller Coaster bingo you can, play Bingo Roulette, Cinco, Bandit or the surprisingly popular battleships, you can. But if you are a tried and tested Bingo 90 fan, that’s fine too because Tombola Bingo, pays your some of the biggest online prizes in Bingo 90.

Just ask “xx fairycosmea xx” who won a massive £1 4 349 while playing Bingo 90 at Tombola. Like all big winners, she never though that a win like this could happen to her and to celebrate it she is taking her whole family on a holiday abroad. She says this holiday is the first time ever they have been abroad and she is delighted about it, but is making sure she keeps enough aside to update her kitchen. I suppose this is a good investment and it will add value to her house.

Bingo 80 at the Tombola site is also very popular as recent winners “jenfersbottom” from Grantham will tell you, she won £500 and so did “Paul and Lianne” from Derby and “pri379” from Basildon. These winners are only a small portion of the winners at Tombola, check out the winners page for yourself, and also make sure you take part in their free bingo game; Lucky Pick, you can win up to £500 a week playing this game from Monday to Sunday.

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