£2K Belgian Bonbon at Tasty Bingo Tonight

£2K Belgian Bonbon at Tasty Bingo Tonight

Written by: kelly on 02/04/2011 14:35
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If you are a chocolate lover and you enjoy travelling where would be a good place to go to? How about Belgium? And what if our friends at Tasty Bingo gave us the chance to win a trip there worth 2 grand? Lovely.

Chocolate and Culture for the Winner

The game takes place today (Saturday the 2nd of April) at 9.45pm on the Tasty Bingo site. To win the stunning prize you just need to be the first player to bingo on the Chocolate Box pattern.

The cards cost £2 each but with any luck you have been building up Belgian Bonbon points over the last few weeks in order to get hold of some free cards. If you have been then you will be given a free card for every 500 points you have managed to accumulate. You need to look at the “My Tasty” page on the Tasty Bingo site to see how many points you have in the bag.

Bruges is the destination for the lucky winner and this historic city offers a lot more than chocolate to keep you and your guest happy during the free trip. Tasty Bingo will give the winner and their friend return travel, 3 nights in a 3 star hotel and a whopping great £500 of cash to lash out on a few little treats and some trinkets to bring home.

After the £2k Belgian Bonbon game finishes the room will be left open for another hour to host some chat games and to give away double chat points as well.

Don’t forget to put in the code TASTY85 when you top up your account this weekend, as it will give you an 85% bonus.


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