£265,000 Jackpot Blown within 6 Months

£265,000 Jackpot Blown within 6 Months

Written by: Glo Wood on 30/10/2016 16:35
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A recent story of a bingo win and major loss is an example of what greed can do to a person. Stephen Milnes has lost his job and decided to play at Dream Bingo only win a whopping £265,000 jackpot!

What luck! While his friends thought he was set, Milnes thought he needed even more. Rather than buy a home, the 48-year-old father of two gambled away every penny of his newfound fortune on slots within 6 months.

He spent £20K gambling online every day and began receiving text messages from his bank as his balance dwindled with each deposit.

Once he realized that he had gone beyond his means and had overdrawn his account by £1,265, Milnes began having thoughts of suicide .

He said: “I want to make sure this does not happen to anybody else.”

Milnes made a £3 bet on Major Millions Dream Bingo to win the jackpot. Not all of it went back into online gambling as he “took son Andrew, 23, on a £2,000 holiday, gave £10,000 to a family member, bought a £7,000 Peugeot for his parents and a second-hand car for sister Nicola, 45”, according to Mirror.

The rest of his money went into the slots. He showed many red flags for gambling addiction. Organizations like Gamcare are there to help when the fun stops and you feel hopeless.

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