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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/09/2009 13:00
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Ladbrokes Bingo has always been a popular online bingo site to visit what with all the great promotions you can find. While kids are back to school, you have more days to yourself. So what can you do during the weekdays? Why not play over at Ladbrokes Bingo. You can win yourself a whopping twenty thousand pounds!

So while the kids are out to school, grab a cup and sit in front of the computer for an exciting game of bingo. Ladbrokes will be giving away two thousand pounds each and every single day every week day. So you have until the 18th of September to win two thousand pounds each day. Remember, this promotion runs only from Monday to Friday. Weekends are excluded from the daily promotion.

So what do you need to do in order to win the whopping cash prize? If you haven’t joined Ladbrokes Bingo yet, then it’s time you do it now. And when you’re all signed up, head on to play at Ladbrokes Bingo from eleven o’clock in the morning until noon where you can win a thousand pounds. In the evening, when you’ve tucked your kids to bed, you can play another round of bingo. Go to Ladbrokes Bingo from eight to nine o’clock in the evening and you can win another thousand pounds. Just make sure to go to the Lounge online bingo room to win those two thousand-jackpot prizes!

Get your share of the twenty thousand pounds today. Aside from that there are more prizes to watch out for. Make sure that you watch out for the bingo magic number 3. When you hear the number 3 called within the first ten numbers of the game, then each and every bingo player who has bingo tickets for that game instantly wins one thousand pounds! Remember to be there the whole hour because once the magic number 3 has been called within the first ten numbers there will no longer be an extra one thousand prize on the succeeding games if the 3 has been called again within the first ten calls

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