£200 Jackpots Guaranteed Games in Tombola's 2p Bingo Lite Games

£200 Jackpots Guaranteed Games in Tombola's 2p Bingo Lite Games

Written by: Richard Sharp on 26/09/2011 09:05
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Tombola bingo prides itself on its bingo games, side games and prizes. And they should, they are after all the biggest online bingo site. The great thing about Tombola is they offer ongoing promotions and ‘pop up’ promotions throughout the month. One such ad hoc promotion plays tonight and tomorrow with £200 guaranteed jackpots on offer for as little as 2p per ticket!


Guaranteed Prizes

Tombola is presenting this 48 hour promotion as an all day and all night affair. There is a game for everyone no matter what time you play. Many of the games play in the evening with £200 games playing at 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm, 9:30pm and 10pm on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September.

The games are being played in the bingo lite room which is fab news for bargain hunters because ticket prices begin at an incredible 2p per game. The best part is tickets won’t cost more than 10p each during any of the games. Penny bingo have never looked so good or been so generous!

The standard £100 jackpot will remain in place during the event which means it is possible to win the full house prize and scoop an additional prize if you bingo under a predetermined number of balls.

200% Bonus

At the moment Tombola bingo is offering all new players £30 to play with when they deposit £10 for the first time. That’s 200% extra free to enjoy the biggest bingo site in the business which gives away 4 million pounds worth of prizes every week.  

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by: johnpatrick over 10 years ago
I really love this game.
i also saw one called http://www.tomby1000.com

has anyone tried it ?