2 Bingo Halls Closing Every Month

2 Bingo Halls Closing Every Month

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/02/2011 18:50

The current difficult state of bingo halls in the UK is laid bare with the news that over 150 have had to close their doors in the last five years.

Smoking Ban Largely to Blame....

It is a clear that a number of factors are involved in this dramatic drop in the once thriving industry, but the 2007 smoking ban is seen as probably the principal reason for the fact that the 678 bingo halls which were in business 5 years ago have now decreased in number to 526.

The trend shows no real signs of slowing down, with last year seeing 25 bingo halls joining the list of those which have gone out of business.

While the smoking ban has had the direct impact of persuading many people to simply stay at home and play online bingo instead, it has also produced a knock on effect in other areas of the business. For example, as the smokers now nip outside for a puff during breaks they no longer spend so much on the slots. This change in habits has meant that the money which bingo halls make from their slots has dropped by around 30%, down to an annual £575 million.

For those clubs which are still operating, the respected accountancy firm Ernst & Young have pointed out that a number of them are now getting to the all important figure of 100 players a week. A drop below this number means that the bingo hall is no longer economically sustainable. Overall players dropped by around half last year and rising tax and the astonishing boom in online playing mean that even tougher times are surely ahead.

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