2 Big Bingo Liner Winners

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/08/2008 16:00
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Bingo Liner has made two lucky players considerably happier in the last week with jackpots totalling more than £6,000 on their bingo games. One came on the first night following the increase of their guaranteed jackpot of £5,000 and both the winners have said that they will be going on holiday with their winnings (it seems a very common trend in winners at the moment).

Kellie25UK (you can tell about a person by their bingo username) picked up £2,500 just 2 weeks before 19 week old son is due to be christened and she plans to take her son and two other children away on holiday with the winnings. She picked up the prize just quarter of an hour after her husband told her it was a waste of money and she'd never win (I'm sure you can imagine the conversation following that).

Spiderswife (not sure what that name tells us!) won an even more impressive £4,199.12 and said that she would be using the prize to put towards spending money on the holiday she has planned in three week's time. I'm fairly sure that the £4,000 jackpot at Bingo Liner will make it an even better holiday for Spiderswife and for Spider.


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