10p Ticket Wins A New Car From Jackpotjoy Bingo

10p Ticket Wins A New Car From Jackpotjoy Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/08/2010 12:45
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Christine P has won the rollover Price is Right Jackpot on the JackpotJoy bingo site collecting a winning cheque for £1,975 in the process. Not a bad prize, especially when you consider that it was won on the back of a 10p ticket purchase.

Having been a regular at the site last year, Chris took a break from playing online bingo for a few months already having picked up around £300 in prize money in just a few games. However, in February she once again started playing online bingo and buying tickets for 1p or 2p per game. A shuffle of the rooms meant that she changed game rooms quite a few times before settling in the Price is Right room.

Having found her old chat friends had congregated in the Price is Right room and enjoying the bonus games that are played there, Chris stuck to it.

On 2nd August she finished work at around 10pm and with only 30p left in her account played a couple of tickets but to no avail. Finally, she bought one last ticket to play while her husband finished his own free tickets at the site. As the numbers kept being ticked off she was getting more and more hopeful until finally the last number was called.

The progressive jackpot and house prize totalled £1,983.37. Chris has bought herself a new car and bought a few treats for her kids, Stacey 24 and Geoffrey 22 as well as her granddaughter Evelyn who is aged 6.

As Chris proves, it only takes on ticket and you can win big money.

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