£10,000 Polo Payday Bingo Game Plays Tonight

£10,000 Polo Payday Bingo Game Plays Tonight

Written by: kelly on 28/10/2011 16:25
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It’s Friday, but not just any Friday because it’s the last one of the month which means two things. First it means it’s payday for many people and second it means Polo Bingo is gearing up for its very own payday bingo game tonight, the impressive thing is their payday can award up to £10,000 in prizes!


Win £10,000…

The Polo Bingo payday bingo game starts with a £10,000 jackpot which gradually drops after a certain number of balls have been called. The lowest amount it can drop to is £2,000, which is guaranteed to be paid out to the full house winner. That’s still an impressive payout, especially when you consider tickets cost just 30p each.

Based on the minimum wage you’d have to work 2 minutes and 57 seconds to earn 30p, which could win a staggering £10,000 if you won the full house in the allotted number of balls.

The game is scheduled for 10pm on Friday 28th October, with the next one playing on the last Friday of November (it’s a monthly event). It’s sure to be a hoot all evening, with this game the biggest one around tonight. It’s just the warm up we need before an entire weekend of Halloween inspired bingo games.

£30 Free…

Polo bingo currently offer 300% extra free on players first deposits, this means if you deposit a tenner you’d receive an extra £30 free to play with. The bonus is good up to £200, which is further complimented by four additional matches up to £1000! 

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