Apple Pay Banking Option

Appy Way to Do Quick Deposits!

Own an iPhone or iPad? This means you have access to another payment facility that you probably didn’t know about! Only this time, there is an additional layer of security, making it one of the safest payment methods around! Apple Pay is a payment service offered to those who own an iOS device, and not just the very latest models either, although, you may not be able to use it for very old models. A glance of an eye or a scan of a finger will allow you to make purchases for goods and services – even online bingo and games, making it super quick too!

So how does it work? It works very similar to that of a debit card; you scan your Apple device at the checkout when buying physical goods or initiate payment within a split-second for online purchases. You must link your bank account or payment card to your device first before you can use it and you may be surprised to learn you can pay for goods and services through an Apple Watch too!

Known as a contactless method, Apple Pay eliminates the hassle of having to carry your purse or wallet out and about with you and even if you happen to lose your phone or watch, the person who finds it will have to have in her or his possession your eye or your fingertip, because without these they cannot access the service! Compare that to a physical contactless debit card and should you be unfortunate to lose it, like my sister, you may find that the person who handed it in had actually used it to buy two lunches first!

How Do You Set Up Apple Pay?

To add your payment card (or bank) to your phone, iPad or any other Apple product, you need to go to the ‘wallet’ section on that device to get started. If you want to use Apple Pay on all your devices, you will need to complete the setup on each of those independently, but it shouldn’t take too long.

  • How to Add Apple Pay on Mobile: Head to the ‘Wallet’ and tap the icon bearing the + symbol. Follow the instructions to add your card. Your bank or card issuer will want to verify this with you and may involve them calling you or you having to call them to complete the process. After this step is complete, you can start using Apple Pay.
  • How to Add Apple Pay on Watch: Open the watch app on your iPhone and head to the ‘My Watch’ option. Tap the link for ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ and complete the steps to add your card. Your bank will want to verify this with you. Once done, you’re able to start spending via Apple Pay.
  • How to Add Apple Pay on iPad: Head to the ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ section and follow the instructions to add your card. Verification is also required with this step before you can use the payment service.
  • How to Add Apple Pay on Mac: Head to ‘System Preferences’, ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ then tap the option to add your card. Complete the steps and verify your card. It’s as easy as that!

The Best Apple Pay Bingo Site?

Apple Pay is relatively new to the online bingo scene and as such, the number of operators who have jumped on board with the payment facility is limited. But we expect the number of bingo operators offering this service in the future to soar. The best online bingo site welcoming Apple Pay is Bingo Barmy, where bonkers bingo makes for some 24/7 bizarre fun!

How Do You Use Apple Pay for Bingo?

To make a deposit with Apple Pay, you will need to be playing on your mobile – your Apple mobile. Head to banking (once logged in), choose Apple Pay and the amount you wish to play with along with any codes you may need and to complete this transaction, you will either need to double-click the side button on your phone or you may need to glance at the camera or provide your fingerprint.

Can You Withdraw with Apple Pay?

No, Apple Pay is a payment service only. Withdrawals are usually processed back to the last funding source, but should this happen to be Apple Pay, a bank transfer will take place instead, making withdrawals slower than if you were to use PayPal for example.

Can You Claim Bingo Bonuses with Apple Pay?

Yes! Bingo bonuses have their exclusions, namely Skrill and Neteller, but we are yet to find a promotion that excludes Apple Pay users from claiming. From free bingo offers to free play opportunities and no deposit deals, you’re welcome to claim them. Registration bonuses are purely for new players, so if you’re already registered, you won’t be able to claim them again. Don’t be too disheartened, there are bingo sites out there that dish out bonus spins left right and centre but pay attention to the terms and conditions or you may end up being hit in the pocket with wagering requirements!

Pros of Apple Pay

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Offers additional layer of security
  • Compatible with all major banks and cards
  • It’s private – retailers are not able to track your details and no info on your transaction is stored
  • It’s free to use
  • Apple Pay is convenient
  • You can add multiple cards in one place – your Apple Wallet
  • You don’t need an internet connection to use it
  • There is no limit to Appel Pay purchases – contactless limit is usually £45 but not here!

Cons of Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay cannot be used for withdrawals
  • An Apple device is needed – iPhone 6 or iPad 2 and higher
  • Setup is required on all devices should you wish to use more than one device to pay with
  • Verification can be lengthy, depending on the banking institute
  • Not all retailers accept Apple Pay
  • No specific Apple Pay support

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