What Is The Difference Between 75 Ball And 90 Ball Bingo?

30 March 2010

Bingo is a game that constitutes of the random selection of numbers found in a hopper. These moving balls have to be pulled either manually or electronically. Each of these numbers has a unique number where you have to match these numbers with the numbers found on your cards or tickets. The first person who completes the card is the winner.

There are two variations of bingo game; the 75 ball bingo that is played mostly in US and the 90 ball bingo that is played mostly in the UK and parts of Australasia and Europe. When playing both forms of bingo you have to buy bingo cards or tickets that have pre-selected numbers on them. It is up to you to mark the numbers as they are called by the computer. Once you find that the called numbers match the numbers on your card, you win the bingo. If you manage to match all the numbers within the preset numbers that are displayed for each game, you win the jackpot. If there is more than one winner for the game, the prize or jackpot is shared amongst the winners.

In the 75 ball bingo game, altogether 75 numbers are called in five columns of 15 numbers each. Each of these five columns represents the five letters of bingo. These five letters of bingo are found at the top of the ticket. In the 75 ball game, the cards usually have 25 squares with five squares found across and five down. The card is full of numbers that have been randomly selected from 1 to 75. Each individual card has its own identifying code that is used for support purposes.

As in all bingo games, the objective of the game is to match the numbers called with the numbers on your card of ticket with the pattern for that game. These patterns are usually static wherein you have to shade the pattern on each card as the game proceeds. Sometimes, the patterns can also be animated so that bingo is achieved on any pattern that is used in the game. You can find over 6000 pattern combinations in the game of 75 ball bingo that vary from a simple 4 corners to a blackout pattern.

The person who first achieves the pattern gets the game prize in 75 ball bingo. Besides the pattern, each game also has a number called the balls to jackpot number. And if the winner gets the pattern within the number of balls stipulated in this number, the winner gets the jackpot which is usually a progressive prize.

In the game 90 ball bingo, the cards used for the game are called tickets and each of these tickets have three rows and nine columns. These tickets are sold in cards that have six tickets. And each of these cards has 90 numbers that are distributed in the six tickets. Of the nine squares found in each row, five of them have numbers that range from 1 to 90 while the others remain blank. Once a card is played, all the possible numbers from one to 90 are called and at each bingo call, a number is daubed.

Each game of 90 ball bingo has three winning patterns which provide three chances of winning; through a single, two or three horizontal lines. Three horizontal lines bring a full house and each of these winning patterns has separate prizes. Once the first line is won, the game continues till a player gets two lines and then three lines for the major prize. Players who achieve the Full House within the balls to jackpot number also get the jackpot prize.

The difference between the two is that the 90 ball bingo is not letter specified and has three winners in a single game. Another benefit with the 90 ball bingo is that you can choose to buy a single ticket or a strip of six tickets that have all the 90 numbers represented on it. So experts predict that the 90 ball game is the future of online bingo as it leads to bigger prizes. Each game gives away three prizes and the full prize lasts longer with more money to give a larger, final prize amount.


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