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Bingo Cams is a new bingo site with a completely fresh take on online bingo, their unique bingo software integrates users web cams so they can interact, talk and view fellow roomies reactions when they win a game. This new approach to online bingo could propel the site into instant stardom, much like it has in the Netherlands and Europe where players can’t get enough of the bingo cams experience.


Bingocams doesn't follow a traditional bingo colour scheme, their ice blue theme is a welcome change in an industry that is dominated with pinks and reds. They also have a uique hook with their web cam bingo.

The neat thing about Bingo Cams is that it still gives users a choice, if they want to have every moment broadcast they can, if they only want their winning moment filmed they can and if user prefer to keep their appearance private they can – it’s a bingo site full of choices.
Bingo cams will incentivize their camera theme; users who leave their cameras on (especially for the ‘winning moment’) will receive bonus prizes and rewards.

Users are also treated to a brand new phenomena of being able to see their chat masters, CM’s will have their web-cams switched on at all times and even have new and improved ‘visual’ chat games to keep users on their toes, this is another neat use of the web-cam theme.

One of the most exciting features on the site is the ‘winning moment’ film reel. Basically if you win the camera focuses solely on you and your reaction, there are some pretty funny celebrations on the bingo cams homepage already.


The site lives up to its bold claim of having the best live bingo in the UK, they simply aren't wrong. The 90 ball and 75 ball rooms are staffed by live cm's which you can see, for real, over their webcams. Members can opt in to use their own web cam, or leave it switched off if they are a little shy or simply like playing privately in their PJ's. 

Bingo isn't the only thing on offer, there are also a great range of casino and side games. At the last count there were over 50 available, each of which are well designed. There seems to be something for most peoples taste.


There are various progressive jackpots, guaranteed games and free bingo available at All of which can be enjoyed with the hefty sign up bonus that is given to new players.

They also give away a cash prize to best live win moment of the week, this is where winners are recorded celebrating a bingo win over their web cams. A novel idea that is just starting to catch on in the UK. 

Our Verdict

We think Bingo Cams is doing really well in the UK, they are open for business and users are embracing the site, admittedly not many are using the cameras but we guess it's not for everyone - good job the cams are switched off by default. Let us know what you think of bingo cams by leaving your own review below, a video answer can also be submitted ;-). 

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by: littleman over 6 years ago
I will give this site a go when it launches but to be honest am not entirely shore on it, maybe it will catch on if people dont mind being filmed in their PJ's :-)
by: chunk over 5 years ago
I like the idea of bingo cams, but don't actually own my own web cam at the moment. I am looking to upgrade to a new macbook air, so will be able to get in on the action then. I like the live win moment the best, especially when people are unprepared.
by: one2go over 5 years ago
I like having a live host in each bingo room. I've been sitting here dressed like a pumpkin for weeks trying to win the best Live Win Moment. If you don't have a cam, no problem. There's no pressure and you can sit back and enjoy. Love it!
by: CrustyBalls over 5 years ago
As long as i don't get bounced for playing in my boxers it's all good. I'll be looking for a pumpkin chick! Kidding aside great concept i rate four big ones.
by: rosebush over 5 years ago
I don't use my cam but it is quite a lot of fun to watch others.
by: SoulSister over 5 years ago
I really like the concept but I feel that the rooms are a bit dark. Brighten it up a bit and I'm sold.
by: Looter over 3 years ago
This site is really something new, and brings the whole new thing to the regular Bingo world. The idea behind it is simple, why not adding a video stream so that players see other people playing in their room. Maybe not a perfect idea for the shy, but you can always decide not to use your camera and use just an avatar instead. Never the less, I have not seen other sites with the same idea.
Do note that this site has a bit strict country restrictions, so you can't even take a peek at it if your country is not on the white list.
It is essentially a good Microgaming site, with a £5 No Deposit Bonus to start with, and the 300% first deposit and a 50% reload bonuses.
At the moment, there are 75 and 90 ball games available, which may not be a lot for some players, but most will get enough.


  • £5 no deposit bonus
  • 300% First Deposit Bonus
  • Huge European brand comes to the UK
  • Support: submit support ticket via integrated help desk
  • 90 ball and 75 ball bingo

Video Review


Type Amount Percent WR
Sign-Up $ 150 300% 4xb
No Deposit $ 5 - 4xb


Min Ticket Price1p
Max Ticket Price£1
Min Deposit£10
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Loyalty OfferTick
Chat RoomsTick

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