Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

Written by: ava carson

22 January 2017

The world is changing rapidly around us and while some of those changes are good there are those things happening around us that are not. Our American bingo friends across the pond have a new president that was inaugurated this past Friday in a nation that is divided.

Even though the voting polls show Republican President Donald Trump won by a large number of votes over Hillary Clinton, Democrats on the other side of the table want their voice heard. But are voices really being heard or is it their actions? Sure, action speaks louder than words but when it breaks the law and there are acts of violence what does that solve?

In the “Land of the Free” freedom of speech is allowed but there is a major difference between peaceful protests and rioting. These people who are fighting in the streets, throwing rocks at law enforcement, setting fires, breaking windows, vandalizing property and stealing television sets and more right out of department stores are exhibiting nothing more than hate crimes, the very thing they supposedly are fighting against?

Restoring order while still standing up for what you believe in is what will get voices heard. It is not an invitation to commit crimes, it only breeds contempt and solves nothing.

Home is where the heart is, restoring unity and to agree to disagree is what brings about positive change and makes a nation strong. As the great John Lennon said: “all we are saying is give peace a chance”.


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