British Bingo vs American Bingo Halls

British Bingo vs American Bingo Halls

Written by: ava carson

17 January 2017

If you have ever been to Great Britain and the United States and entered a bingo hall you are all too aware of the vast differences. Sorry American folks but the Brits got us beat by a landslide. Being from the US I have never been a huge fan of bingo, that was until I went to Plymouth, England.

Our Bingo halls are dingy and usually in dark basements of churches. Women carry pillows so they can place them on the uncomfortable metal folding chairs. Tables are longgggg and as old as the hills with tape still stuck on it not only from the week before but from the last century!

I always found it interesting how gambling was frowned upon by the religious sectors but quite alright to play bingo where there is a nice profit for the church.

When I first went to the UK for a visit I was invited by my American best friend who moved there a year before to go uptown to Gala Bingo. I at first thought she was joking until i didn’t see her laughing. I said “oh but have you changed”!

Not feeling very enthusiastic I hesitantly agreed. She sort of had this expression like she had one up on me as we made our way inside. I surprised to see not a single person carrying a pillow for their tushes until I saw the comfortable cushioned booths. Not only that there was this wild patterned carpet on the floor that had a party time feel. There was a bar in the back that if in the mood, a beer or two was waiting to be purchased.

Needless to say, by the end of the evening, I was eating humble pie! The next day I said to her “when can we go again” and that’s when she laughed and said “it’s a whole new ball game than what we are accustomed to at home”.


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